The success of CBCRA grows naturally

because when it comes down to it, Manitobans want to recycle their beverage containers, they just need the opportunity to do so. As long as we continue to educate, inform, and increase accessibility, we will reach our goal.

How Does It Work?

CBCRA works closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the provincial government, beverage producers, retailers, community partners, and consumers are all considered in the operation of our program.

  • Flow of CBCRA funds
  • Flow of MMSM funds
  • Collected Materials
  • Flow of Material Revenue

Who Pays For It?

All beverage producers supplying into Manitoba are charged a


for every non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverage container they supply into the province.

The cost usually passes from:

Container Recycling Fees undergo a small change

For the last 23 years, every beverage container sold in the province included a flat, two-cent Container Recycling Fee (CRF). In the fall of 2018, the board of the CBCRA reviewed and approved an increase to the CRF, to take effect in 2019. The new fee will vary to better reflect the cost of managing different container sizes and types.

“As a not-for-profit agency, CBCRA must always be efficient and fair above all. We have a responsibility to serve Manitobans to the best of our ability, while keeping costs down.”
Ken Friesen,
Executive Director, CBCRA and Recycle Everywhere

Long-Lasting Partnerships

We were formed as a not-for-profit by beverage producers and distributers who supply non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverages into the province in order to meet the Manitoba government’s mandate of reaching a 75 per cent recovery rate for all beverage containers sold.

A Container Recycling Fee (CRF) is charged to every beverage producer and distributer to fairly support the cost of recycling every non-alcoholic, non-dairy beverage container supplied into the province.

CBCRA and our Recycle Everywhere program is entirely funded by the CRF. To reach our target, we work closely with the government, beverage producers, stakeholders, retailers, and community partners to ensure Manitobans are informed and know what this fee is used for.

To make sure consumers are getting the most out of this fee, we make sure we do a lot with a little. We create new bin infrastructure and distribute bins, educate the public, offer technical support, and promote awareness. The CRF also funds up to 80 per cent of the cost to collect and process beverage containers through residential recycling programs. Because of the CRF, every beverage container sold in Manitoba supports the recycling process.

The Recycle Everywhere program created by CBCRA is funded by the CRF. Recycle Everywhere was created to educate the public on proper beverage container recycling habits, and to provide accessibility to recycling where people work, live and play. Recycle Everywhere is Canada’s first province-wide, away-from-home beverage container recycling program, which is something we’re really proud of!

Recycle Everywhere partners with communities, municipalities, schools, businesses, institutions, parks, event centres, and festivals to provide free bins across the province. We also run educational campaigns to keep people informed on the best recycling practices. Our partners allow us to reach consumers all over the province in order to achieve our long-term goals.

Planning for the future and beyond

Our focus continues to be to increase the number of beverage containers recycled in Manitoba. When we do our job well, all Manitobans benefit. The return on our investment and the positive impact we have on the environment and economy is significant. By recovering empty beverage containers and turning them into new containers and other products, we are able to:

  • Conserve resources by repurposing what's already been made
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save the energy required to process new materials
  • Fuel a circular economy
  • Keep thousands of tonnes of beverage containers out of landfills
  • Extend the life of Manitoba’s landfills – further increasing sustainability
  • Generate local jobs in beverage container recycling collection and processing, bin manufacturing, program operation, marketing and outreach.

One of the most recognizable benefits Manitobans can see is the decrease in litter across the province. Since we were formed, our litter audits have shown there has been a very significant overall reduction in beverage container litter as measured in our five largest cities.

Table 1: CBCRA Beverage Container Litter Reduction Since 2010

Public spaces

Municipal and provincial buildings, city parks, streetscapes and more

Private establishments

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) locations, including office buildings, manufacturing facilities and businesses.

Public facilities

Arenas, pools and recreation facilities, schools, colleges and universities.

At home

Single-family and multi-family dwellings throughout Manitoba.

What does the program accept?

Non-alcoholic, non-dairy, sealed beverage containers, including:

  • Aluminum cans and steel beverage containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Cartons (gable top containers)
  • Drink boxes (aseptic containers)

2018 Beverage Container Sales

Material Categories 2018
Aluminum 183,880,008
PET 227,485,817
HDPE 2,560,667
Other Plastic 430,551
Polycup 2,103,304
Glass 3,856,975
Bi-Metal 691,693
Aseptic Container 38,009,487
Gabletops 3,871,656
Drink Pouches 8,324,132
Bag-in-a-box 2,150
Total 471,216,440

2018 CBCRA Participants

  • A. Lassonde Inc.
  • Amway Canada Corporation
  • Arctic Beverages LP
  • Campbell Company of Canada
  • Canada Dry Mott’s Inc.
  • Canadian Tire
  • CanAqua Inc.
  • Casseroles Cora Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada Company
  • Dewpoint Bottling Company Ltd.
  • Distribution Missum Inc.
  • Dollarama LP
  • Elite International Foods Inc.
  • Federated Co-Operatives Limited
  • Ice River Springs Water Co.
  • ID Foods Corporation
  • IKEA Canada Limited Partnership
  • Inform Brokerage Inc.
  • Kraft Heinz Canada ULC
  • Labatt Brewing Company Ltd
  • Leading Brands of Canada, Inc.
  • Loblaw Companies Ltd
  • London Drugs Limited
  • McKesson Canada
  • National Dry Company Ltd
  • Nestle Canada Inc.
  • Nestle Waters Canada
  • No.22 Foods Inc.
  • Nothing But Nature Inc.
  • Overwaitea Food Group
  • P.A. Fine Foods & Distributors
  • Pepsi Bottling Group Canada
  • Red Bull Canada Ltd
  • Refresco Canada Inc.
  • RW Packaging Ltd
  • Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
  • Sky Blue Water Inc.
  • Sobeys Capital Incorporated
  • Star Marketing Ltd.
  • Starbucks Coffee Canada
  • Sunrise Markets Inc. dba Sunrise Soya Foods
  • Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
  • The Minute Maid Canada of Company Inc.
  • The North West Company LP
  • The TDL Group Corp
  • Tle’ Nax T’Awei Limited Partnership
  • Tree of Life Canada ULC
  • United Natural Foods Canada Inc.
  • Veritiv Canada, Inc.
  • Wal-mart Canada Corp.
  • Whistler Water Inc.
  • Wild Sparkling Tea Ltd.
  • Wm.Bolthouse Farms Inc.