Recovery Rate:

The recovery rate is determined by dividing the number of beverage containers recovered by the number of beverage containers sold in Manitoba.

Total Recovery/Total Sales = Recovery Rate

The amount of beverage containers recycled in Manitoba in 2019


Monitoring Success

CBCRA evaluates the effectiveness of waste management systems in public spaces by conducting Waste Audits. This helps us understand the composition of the waste — how many beverage containers end up in the recycling stream and how many go in the trash — so we can positively affect behaviours and improve recycling rates.

Material Recovery Facility Audits

These are third-party audits conducted at Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), where samples of materials are taken from the tip floor and bunkers and sorted into categories, and measured to analyze changes over a set period of time. Two sets of MRF audits were conducted in 2019, one set in the Winter and the other set in the Spring, at the eight largest MRF’s.

As well, in 2019 there were ten waste audits and two visual audits conducted by our CBCRA staff. These audits measure the number of beverage containers in recycling and waste bins and are designed to help us understand behaviours and identify improvement opportunities for recycling systems in places like schools, businesses and public spaces.

Litter Audits were done at 245 pre-selected locations across five major cities in Manitoba, and are conducted by third-party consulting firms that execute litter audits across North America.

The 2019 results show a decrease in all five Manitoba cities included in the audit. In each instance, beverage container litter in city streets has decreased since baseline audits began, with no other CBCRA litter abatement programs implemented other than the addition of Recycle Everywhere bins. Overall, the audits are an important tool in measuring the success of recycling in Manitoba. They also confirm the need to continue to educate residents on the types of items that contaminate valuable recyclables.

CBCRA beverage container litter reduction

In five Manitoba cities


Public space recycling bins

This number includes all free and cost-shared bins that have shipped throughout the province since 2010.

CBCRA also provides three other types of bins that help make it convenient for Manitobans to collect their empty beverage containers. These include:

At Home Bin:


We distributed these bins to 39 communities in Manitoba to help homeowners collect their recycling.

Mini Bin:


Mini Bins are used in condo and apartment complexes to make recycling easier for tenants.

Bin Bags:


In early September, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman helped hand out Bin Bags in St. Vital Park to encourage more recycling in public parks.