Supporting our Communities

CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere program partners with municipalities, schools, businesses, parks, communities, and events to provide free bins across the province. We also run educational and training programs to help inform Manitobans on the best recycling practices. Our partnerships allow us to reach people across the province in order to achieve our long-term goals.

Two of our active partnerships in 2019 included Caring for our Environment - Manitoba, a volunteer group that seeks to promote awareness and understanding of environmental and sustainability issues within the Filipino community. As well, we launched a pilot project with Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council to provide a recycling welcome package to help new families in Winnipeg understand proper recycling in their community and at home.

Recycle Everywhere 101 (RE101)

A free, province-wide program that encourages schools to recycle empty beverage containers. This year, we provided 92 RE101 school presentations at 51 different schools.

786 schools or 92%,

are involved in RE 101 programs.

98% of Manitoba’s

student population has access to beverage container recycling at schools.

2019-2020 Transform Your School contest launched in October. Schools were challenged to design and implement a fun way to engage students in recycling. To kick off the contest, the 75 schools who took the pledge received tickets to the Manitoba Moose or the Brandon Wheat Kings. Schools in the North received a gift card for pledging to transform their school’s recycling system.


Dual Stream bins help the City of Winkler improve their contamination rates and keep valuable recyclables out of the landfill.
Large bins were installed at the transfer stations in North Whiteshell Provincial Park.
Manitoba Building Association panel discussing the issue of contamination.

Municipal Support

Through the year, the CBCRA team conducted a review of recycling needs in 10 large communities. The City of Winkler is an example of where CBCRA conducted a walkthrough with municipal staff so we could see their recycling needs firsthand. To support the City’s recycling efforts, we provided ‘No Coffee Cup’ decals and replacement decals for their existing bins. We also sent some additional free bins for use in public areas, and new cost-shared, dual-stream bins for use by the community.

Northern and First Nations Programs

With the Northern Blue Box pilot, in partnership with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), we provided 22-gallon curbside recycling bins to households in the Rural Municipality of Kelsey and Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Overall, there were 1,765 blue boxes delivered. Providing these free blue bins in communities that have curbside collections, but don’t have carts, helps to improve recycling recovery and divert materials from the landfill.

CBCRA continued to work with the Bunibonibee First Nation (BCN) Project, along with MMSM, to help guide the development of a sustainable recycling program for the community. Construction is set to begin at a site designated as a recycling depot for residents, along with a complete landfill upgrade. Residents are updated and educated through social media, as well as a brochure.

Community Clean-up

CBCRA in partnership with MMSM held the ninth annual Northern & First Nations Community Clean-up. The program helps increase awareness of recycling and is a creative way for people to come together and reduce litter in their communities. Recycling signage was also installed in Bloodvein First Nation, 2018’s winning community, to remind residents of what items are accepted in the bins.

Back-Haul Project

Working with Arctic Beverages, Cascades and the Frontier School Division, we continued to expand our back-haul program during the year. A barrier for recycling continues to be storage, so CBCRA collaborated with schools to help with the funding for the construction of recycling storage sheds.

Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate in Nelson House was the first school to receive funding for their storage shed. The school completed the construction themselves in Fall 2019 and began collecting materials for the back-haul. Leaf Rapids Education Centre along with Gillam School received materials to complete their own storage shed.

Whiteshell Provincial Park Recycling Depot

CBCRA partnered with the provincial government, to launch recycling enhancements in the Whiteshell Region. The findings have helped to improve the provincial park waste management system, logistics, and operations. CBCRA’s role in the pilot project focused mainly on consulting services, production of the signage and waste audits. The Province funded the large recycling collection bins at the transfer stations. The installation of the bins and signage was completed by late summer.

Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I)

Throughout the year we set up site visits in multi-tenant office buildings. Data collected at the sites helps us better understand how we can impact recovery and increase contamination awareness. We are also using this information to compile follow-up materials for large event centres, health centres and government buildings.

With contamination as one of the ongoing key challenges in our industry, we focused on businesses by providing them with tools that communicate to their stakeholders the importance of recycling the right materials.

In the Fall, we sponsored the Manitoba Building Association trade show, with a panel discussion on waste and recycling. The panelists included the Supervisor of Waste Diversion, City of Winnipeg; Senior Property Manager, Colliers International; President, Bison Janitorial Services Ltd; and the Sales Manager, GFL Environmental Inc. The discussion further highlighted the need to continue to find ways to avoid contamination.