CBCRA Manitoba

CBCRA has managed and operated the beverage container recycling program in Manitoba since 2010. CBCRA is committed to reaching the government-mandated target of recovering 75% of beverage containers sold in Manitoba.

To achieve our goal, our organization focuses on two main areas to help increase beverage container recovery rates. These focus areas are accessibility and Promotion and Education. We need to ensure that it is convenient for Manitobans to recycle their empty beverage containers no matter where they are, and we need to guarantee that they know what to do with those empty containers and what the benefits of recycling them. Through wide-spread accessibility to recycling infrastructure and a province wide Promotion & Education (P&E) campaign, CBCRA has been able to bring the beverage container recovery rate to new heights in Manitoba. Over a five year period the recovery rate has gone from 42% to 65%, an increase of 23 percentage points, which means 55% more containers were recycled in 2015 than in 2010.

In 2015, approximately 5,200 metric tonnes, or 280 million beverage containers in Manitoba were recycled. This equals a decrease of 24,000 metric tonnes of CO2eq emissions, which is the equivalent of taking 5,400 cars off the road.

CBCRA provides consumers a cost effective and convenient way to recycle empty beverage containers no matter if they are at home or out and about within Manitoba’s communities. This level of recycling accessibility has become common place among Manitobans, and the Recycle Everywhere program achieves this by providing away from home beverage container recycling bins to public spaces across our geographically wide-spread province free of charge. This combined with the Blue Box has created a recycling system that is a cost effective and convenient way for Manitobans to recycle all types of beverage containers wherever they are consumed.

CBCRA Ontario

CBCRA is involved in discussions with the Ontario MOECC and other stakeholders about the implementation of a similar style beverage container recovery program in Ontario. We believe that we will all benefit from achieving this goal by:

  • Re-energizing residential recovery in Ontario.
  • Providing new opportunities to recycle where Ontarians live, work and play.
  • Taking direct responsibility for managing our used packaging across the province.