CBCRA stewards are the producers and distributors of single-use, sealed, ready-to-serve beverage containers sold in Manitoba. These companies are committed to increasing beverage container recycling rates in the province. Their funding supports everything from recycling infrastructure to consumer education. As new companies emerge and are identified they, too, become stewards and participants in the CBCRA success story.

Thank you to our Stewards for the continued support of CBCRA’s efforts to provide Manitobans an effective way to recycle their beverage containers.

Program Rules

The 2019 Rules for Stewards have now been posted and come into effect February 1, 2019. The changes to Rules are as follows:

  1. Fee Rate Changes

    2. Administration changes to address year changes and other minor changes.

The links below provide information on the provincial legislation for obligated stewards:

Registration & Reporting

Obligated Stewards are required to achieve a 75% beverage container recovery rate in Manitoba. Beverage stewards have the option of registering with CBCRA, or they can provide their own Program Plan to the Government of Manitoba in which they satisfactorily demonstrate to the Manitoba Government how they will achieve a 75% recovery rate with a province-wide program.

Stewards participating with CBCRA need to report on volumes supplied in Manitoba on a monthly basis through the secure CBCRA reporting system.

Steward Registration Steward Reporting

Primary Contact Change Form

Please use this form to change the Primary Contact for your organization. Note that the Primary Contact has the ability to add or change a Billing Contact or a Secondary Contact, at any time, once the Primary is logged into the CBCRA Reporting website.

Primary Contact Change Form

Registered Stewards

CBCRA’s Stewards are key to our success. Please click below to view a list of current and past Stewards.